Socialbakers | Unified Social Media Marketing Platform

Socialbakers is a unified social media marketing platform. it can be your one awesome solution for all social media marketing needs. With highly developed publishing options, you can extremely enhance your social media strategy. 10,000+ marketers drive from huge brands like Airbus, Samsung, National Geographic, Walmart, Sony, Publics Groups and Vodafone use this robust platform. Socialbakers lets you identify your marketing character and the kind of content they would be looking for. All your social media activities can be effectively managed in a single platform from multiple accounts. You can assess the performance of your organic and paid email campaigns with the help of this social media marketing platform. It allows you to keep an eye on all the trends of your competitors, audience, and the marketplace, based on which you can frequently optimize your tactic.

Socialbakers Features


Customer targeting

Monitor business performance

Measure brand sentiment

Create & publish content

Social customer care

Collaboration tools

Nurture communities

Real time data

Total ad spend tracking

Advertising engagement tracking

Ad costs and content performance

Keyword filtering

Measure & benchmark performance

Optimize paid & organic performance

Visualize & analyze business impact

Actionable dashboards & reports

Integrate social, web analytics and business data

Data-driven insights

Custom recommendations

Track reach and visibility

Social media content library

Content search filters

Inspiration board

APIs and tableau connector

Campaign management

Multi-platform publishing

Flexible internal & agency collaboration

Relevance score

Real-time collaboration

Community performance indicators

Automatic notifications

Filter content within feeds

Analyze incoming and outgoing direct messages

Measure average response time

‘Listen’ for mentions of the brand

Keyword search

Socialbakers Pricing

Free Trial10 Profiles20 Profiles
Available (No Credit Card required)Starting from: Rs 13300/monthStarting from: Rs 26600/month
Pricing model: SubscriptionPricing model: Subscription

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